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Creativity Knows No Limits

Meet Paul Smith (September 21, 1921 – June 25, 2007), an American artist born with severe spastic cerebral palsy. Even though with limited body mobility, he was able to create masterpieces using just a typewriter. He’s certainly an inspiration for artist because he exemplifies how nothing of what we are are mistakes, but a gift. We all have our own talents and that if we truly like something, there’s no stopping us. Creativity knows no limits.

Typewriter Art by Paul Smith

Close-up of reproduction of Mona Lisa – Typewriter Art by Paul Smith. If you see closely, you will notice how he used the # sign to recreate this portrait.


Riding the train with Batman

Firstly, sorry I have been bad at posting blogs since January.

Secondly, shout out to Kylie from Hong Kong who said that she read and likes my blog.

Thirdly, are you an artist? Do you get bored when you are on a long train commute to work/school/etc? This person does.  This illustrator by the Twitter name of @October Jones amuses himself (or herself) while on the train by drawing caricatures heads on top of passengers. The results are hilarious! To view more, click here.






Riddle me Lali

Most of you don’t know this, but I have started collecting postcard about a year now through Postcrossing.com. So far I have about 275 postcards from 52 countries. While my main interest is collecting tourist postcards, I learned about a special kind of postcards that I didn’t know they existed and I fell instantly in love with them as I love doodles. They are called “lali cards” or “lali riddle cards”. They are so much fun and they are adorable! Most of them contain riddles such as “which one of these fish does not like water?” or “Where is the message in a bottle?” You can see my collection here http://www.flickr.com/photos/104584313@N05/sets/72157639672091493/. If you have some lali cards in exchange for Toronto or Canada postcards, please let me know by commenting below or through Contact Me section.

Here are some of my favourites:

2014-08-10 01_14_10-Document1 - Microsoft Word Starter

Food + landscapes = Foodscapes!

Photographer Carl Warner has produced landscapes made entirely out of anything that is edible. He has two books out so far, “Foodscapes” (2010) and “A World of Food” (2012). Read more about this photographer here.

Here are some of his beautiful creations, taken from this website:


Street Art

See more images like this with this link: http://memolition.com/2013/02/02/the-best-examples-of-street-art-in-2012-48-pictures/


Artist Spotlight: Jen Skelley

Sorry there hasn’t been many posts lately. My internet service provider doesn’t have a very good tech support service. But promise this post is awesome enough to make up for that.


Found this amazing artist from New Jersey (living in Massachusetts), Jen Skelley from Illustration Friday blog. I love her unique, cute and quirky illustrations. It’s hard not to get enough of it. Take a look at some of her artwork to see for yourself. And remember to check out more of her work on her website JenSkelley.com. You can also buy her stuff from her Etsy store.






Make the best of things, right?

Clever designer turns negative feedbacks into funny/artsy posters. Click on images or this link to see more.






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